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User agreement

User Agreement

This user agreement applies to all users of the project Mixfauc.ru. By registering on Mixfauc.ru, you automatically accept the terms of this agreement. In case of disagreement with the terms of the agreement, the user must refuse to use the site Mixfauc.ru.

User Account

- To register an account on our project and fully use it, you must be at least 18 years old.

- Users need to securely store data to their account and not transfer it to third parties. Mixfauc.ru It is not responsible for any possible losses of users associated with the loss of access to the account.

- One user cannot have more than one account on our project. Otherwise, all the violator's multiaccounts will be immediately blocked, without the possibility of restoring them and returning funds to the account.

- Mixfauc.ru does not change any information about the user's account on request. For security reasons, only the account owner can change the data in his account.

- Any attempts to use various software for the purpose of cheating and / or disrupting the performance of this project will lead to the immediate and irrevocable blocking of your account, without the possibility of restoring it and returning funds to the account.

- Each user must use unique payment details to withdraw funds from the system.

- Users are prohibited from using temporary and non-existent email addresses to register an account on Mixfauc.ru.

- Users are prohibited from using Proxy/VPN/TOR and the like.

- Users are prohibited from using spam in any form.

- Users are prohibited from joining this service from public networks (universities, schools, etc.), as well as other public places.

- Users are prohibited from transferring access to their account to third parties.

- We have the right to block your account if you violate the terms of this agreement.

- If the user does not show activity on the site for 30 days, the account of this user is automatically blocked, without the possibility of restoring it and returning funds to the account.

- All emails from blocked users will be ignored. Please do not waste your and our time. Work honestly, do not break the rules and you will not have such problems.

- Any accusations without evidence, threats and/or disrespectful attitude towards employees Mixfauc.ru, will lead to the permanent blocking of your account.


- Funds transferred in favor of the project Mixfauc.ru, non-refundable.

- All payments must be made using the links available on Mixfauc.ru. No other payment methods will be accepted.


- Users can attract an unlimited number of referrals to this project.

- Users are prohibited from sending / sending unsolicited emails (spam) in order to attract referrals, as well as forcing/forcing someone to become a referral.


- It is forbidden to use Proxy/VPN/TOR and the like when working with offers.

- Mixfauc.ru uses third-party plugins to provide offers. We have no control over paid and unpaid offers.

- For some offers, the earned funds may be delayed for several days before they are credited to your balance.


- We do not place ads on our site that violate the current laws of the Russian Federation and other countries.

- We do not accept sites that: contain pop-ups, distribute adult content, advertise various dubious resources, as well as fraudulent methods of earning money, and the like.

- Moderators have the right to remove ads that they consider unsuitable for showing on this site.


- We are not responsible for the content published by users and / or advertisers on our site, and we are not responsible for the potential risks associated with the use of this site.

- We are not responsible for any delays and / or failures in the operation of our site that are not directly related to Mixfauc.ru and they are not under our control.

- We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time and without prior notice.